How do I know what portable equipment requires testing?

Equipment that is supplied through a socket outlet, must be tested. If equipment has a detachable supply cord then the cord and equipment must be tested as separate items. Equipment above 2.5mtrs, Fixed or hard wired equipment, new to service equipment (brand new stock) and equipment that requires dismantling to be tested, is not required under AS/NZS3760 to be tested.

How often does my testing need to be done?

The majority of our services are conducted annually, this falls in line with best practices and Australian Standards. It is imperative that a long term service plan is implemented by PES to monitor and track the condition of equipment over a number of years.

Can testing be conducted outside normal business hours?

Preventative Electrical Services can conduct services at any time of the day. This will be discussed before pricing is supplied.

How often do safety switches (RCD’s) require testing?

A safety switch must be tested in accordance to AS/NZS3760 to ensure correct functionality during fault conditions. A slow tripping safety switch may be the difference between life and death.

How much will I save by converting to LED lighting?

Preventative Electrical Services will liaise with our suppliers in the most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption in your workplace. We take in to account the current usage, fittings and consumptions to determine your break-even point, and how much you will save thereafter. This is now backed by the governments LED energy upgrade rebate.

Why use Preventative Electrical Services for electrical servicing and testing?

Preventative Electrical Services has certified and highly trained technicians. OEMs provide our technicians with in-depth training, ensuring we have the backing and support if failure of equipment occurs. Stock on-hand and that backing will ensure we can rectify and site issues quicker and more smoothly.

Does Preventative Electrical Services provide SWMS?

Any service conducted by Preventative Electrical Services includes a task specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) on request and a daily checklist conducted by the technicians prior to task commencement. Safety is something we take seriously and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Why should I conduct Thermal Imaging?

Electrical thermographic imaging “thermal/infrared imaging” is one of many key aspects of your site’s periodic maintenance plan. Some of the key applications, include;

  • Identifying potential equipment/component failure or heat dissipation issues
  • Distinguishing irregulates in circuit loading
  • Checking component integrity and potential hotspots from loose connections
  • Identifying worn or deteriorating motors and equipment
  • Providing certified testing to meet the requirements of insurance companies

Cost savings and reduce downtimes are achieved if thermal imaging is conducted as part of your site’s periodic maintenance plan. All of our certified technicians are licenced electricians, and can assist immediately with rectification works to provide the overall best outcome.

How long does an LED fitting last?

The average lifespan of an LED fitting is dependent on the type of fitting and where it is made. Preventative Electrical Services only every installs high quality fittings, where only the best LED chips are used. In general, an LED fitting will last around 35,000 – 50,000 hours of use.

Where does Preventative Electrical Services provide services?

Our team conducts services across NSW, with intentions to expand across other states in the near future. We work with all clients to provide our professional service, no matter the location.

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