Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal Image Switchboards and Equipment?

It is becoming a frequently asked question by insurance providers, if commercial premises switchboards are thermal imaged or not. Preventative Electrical Services is a certified thermal imager, certified level 1 which is required by most insurers now.

It is a known fact that most switchboards and equipment will not fail immediately, rather deteriorate overtime causing heat or ‘hot spots’. Thermal imaging, or thermography, can alert a client if a switchboard or item is producing excessive heat or ‘hot spots’ that may potentially cause downtime or fires if not rectified.

Testing and Inspections

Preventative Electrical Services gains access to the switchboard or equipment and takes a snap, thermal image, using a TESTO 882 world leading thermal imager. This test highlights any hot spots or excessive heat. These images are analysed by our expert team, where a report is submitted to the client notifying them of how we may rectify any underlying issues.

The 12 monthly checks are then graphed, showing any increases in temperature of equipment over years of testing. All snaps are stored on the client’s database for viewing and downloading.

Thermal Imaging Helps To:

  • Prevent fire or explosions
  • Ensure the integrity and tight connections of components
  • Provide additional compliance for insurers
  • Determine loading condition of circuitry and equipment
  • Prevent lost production time (downtime)