Lightning Protection

Why Test Lightning Protection Systems?

A lightning protection system provides a conductive path between a terminal and earth, allowing the majority of lightning current to follow the lightning protection system, with less current travelling through flammable materials and causing building, personnel and equipment damage and injuries.

Periodic maintenance of your lightning protection, surge protection and earthing systems is paramount. Building and business owners have the responsibility to ensure their system is compliant and regularly assessed for compliance. AS1768 has minimum levels of protection required for people and property.

Testing and Inspections

Unfortunately, most lightning systems, surge protection and earthing systems are installed and never maintained, upgraded or maintained correctly. It is essential that your system is visually inspected every year, and measurements and readings taken after every strike or alterations to buildings structure.

Preventative Electrical Services conducts a visual inspection, resistance and continuity checks and tests on the air termination network. Our maintenance team will inspect lightning rods and other equipment for damage, assess earthing systems, check for loose connections, confirm the continuity of pathways from electrodes and lightning rods, inspect surge protection devices and provide reporting.

The cost to maintain your ERICO ERICTECH system and/or Eaton surge protection is a small price to pay to ensure that your equipment and structures are sufficiently protected, reducing costly downtime and repairs, and reducing the change of electrical equipment damage and structural fires.

If you have lightning protection installed, it is essential not to hesitate in contacting our team for a quote today.