Power Quality Analysis

Why Conduct a Power Quality Analysis?

Power quality problems are becoming a more regular occurrence in today’s electrical systems. This can be caused by harmonic distortions and fluctuations, low power factor, voltage imbalance, increased electronic loads and inadequate installation practices.

No matter the industry or operation, industrial plant, manufacturing facility or a utility, power quality analysis is designed to assist in capturing the power quality and energy data needed to maintain the best performance and reliability.

Testing and Inspections

Our power quality analysis is used to monitor and record power fluctuations, harmonic distortion, loading, voltages and imbalances, frequency and other transient events. Following the site survey and harvesting of results from our power quality analysis, our comprehensive report and recommendations are delivered at a face-to-face consultation and, if required, we can ensure that any selected technical solutions are implemented, together with accurate cost-saving estimates.

etap-harmonic-analysis-software-1                              Fluke power analysis