Retrofit Solutions

While a Circuit Breaker or Trip Unit is not often called upon throughout their life-span, during an electrical fault they play a critical role, clearing the fault quickly and safely to minimise damage to the power reticulation system. If a breaker is not performing at its highest level, loss of production, significant down time, costly repairs and potential injury to maintenance workers are likely. Preventative Electrical Services Pty Ltd can provide you with all the specifications and cost effective solutions for any circuit breaker or trip unit retrofit.

Circuit Breaker Retrofit

Retrofitting of circuit breakers is often an extremely cost effective way to modernize existing switchgear while incorporating the latest technology into the system. In most instances breakers can be modified with little or no work required to the breaker cell components.

The key benefits include:

  • increased life cycle of switchgear
  • improved reliability and safety
  • upgraded to modern breaker and components
  • small investment, compared to switchboard or cubicle upgrades
  • ability to add in comms monitoring and additional protection
  • no structural or switchboard integrity alterations
  • Reduced downtime, reduced risk of future outages

Trip Unit Retrofit

Retrofitting of circuit breakers is sometimes not a cost every customer can afford, or quite often the older breaker is often built to last, more durable. If you have a durable legacy breaker, retrofitting the trip unit is a must.

Preventative Electrical Services can fit nearly any low voltage ACB with a retrofit trip unit, often giving your old breaker another 10, 15 or 20 years of life, with the ability to now incorporate communications and some of the lastest arc flash and protection monitoring.

Trip Unit retrofit is a fraction of the cost of a breaking retrofit, and can quite often be achieved rather than a full replacement. It is recommended any old breakers get retrofitted with the new trip unit before the existing fails, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Retrofit Pricing

The customer is provided with an expected maximum pricing and time-frame for the retrofit, though only billed for time onsite. This gives the customer peace-of-mind and reducing the overall cost to conduct the retrofit.

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